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                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

My Clinical research


I’m part of a national Solution Focused Hypnotherapy research programme which takes feedback from clients (scaling their happiness, confidence etc. on a scale 1-10 at the end of each session) and measures their reported overall progress to give an indication of the effectiveness of the therapy they’ve received.

I’ll put some stats and graphs up when I’ve figured out how to get the data from the CORPs programme I use!

My Reincarnation research

“Love across lifetimes”

A common feature of PLR is that people recognise people from their current lives in the past lives, but occupying different roles

(eg. “My brother in that lifetime is my Dad in my current life!”).

There are also cases reported where two people who share a connection in this lifetime have PLR separately or at the same time in a group session and experience the exact same lives, giving the exact same names and other details.

This is something I would like to explore further, so if you and a partner / friend / relative / other share a good connection and would like to explore whether you shared a previous life(s) together I offer a discount for 2 people booking together for this!

Coming soon: “Histories & mysteries”

How and why were Stonehenge / The Great Pyramid of Gaza built?

How were the stones of Pumapunku cut so perfectly thousands of years ago?

How does dowsing work?

What exactly are Dark Matter and Dark energy?

etc. etc.  

If you’re happy to give over some time to me asking you these questions in the superconscious state then I’ll offer you a discount!

(If we’re able to discover anything this way I think it would be quite interesting on both fronts!)