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                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy combines “trance” (a natural state of mind where learning and processing are enhanced) and psychotherapy (talking therapy) to give a highly effective form of therapy. Depending on your goals you might find different forms of hypnotherapy more relevant:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

For specific problems/goals inc. anxiety, depression, phobias, OCD, weight issues, confidence, smoking, traumas, performance enhancement & more (we deal with multiple problems/goals simultaneously)

Age Regression

For recovering forgotten information/memories and healing traumatic memories & associated problems

Past Life Regression

For experiencing what may actually be past life memories to uncover and resolve relationship issues & patterns / physical injuries / contracts/promises/resolutions from previous lifetimes which may still be causing problems in the current lifetime, and for exploring the bigger picture!

(In many cases PLR has helped people with physical problems where medical experts have been unable to even diagnose the root cause of the problem)

Life Between Lives

Exploring specific details of what happens between physical death and reincarnation; communicating with those in the non-physical state; accessing knowledge & wisdom beyond our normal conscious state from the “superconscious” state with a bigger-picture awareness of all lifetimes and everything in between

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