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                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

Fantasy or reality?

All-white on the night?

“I was curious to know if my subjects, who were nearly all middle class white Californians, would see themselves as members of the white race in past lives.

If past-life recall was fantasy, I would probably find a higher percentage of the white race in past time periods than history would suggest was true.

[...] Most of my subjects were not Caucasian in their past lives.”

Too many Cleopatras?

“A frequent objection to past-life recall is that so many people seemed to have been Cleopatra or high priests in Egypt in past lives. Would that also be true of my large sample of more than 1000 cases?

The upper class was very small - less than 10% in every time period I measured.

[…] The lower class constituted between 60 and 77 % of all lives in all the time periods covered.

Gender bias?

“I knew that in any given time period in the past, roughly half of the population was male and half female.

78% of my subjects in the first group were women. Would women be more likely to see themselves as women in a past life? […] My subjects split neatly and evenly into 50.3% male and 49.7 female.

In my second group of three hundred cases […] 55% female […] I once again found the virtual 50-50 split.

"Reliving Past Lives" by noted psychologist, professor and therapist Helen Wambach


Because each recall is individual, there would be no way that telepathy, fantasy, or chance alone could determine the way in which the cumulative statistics emerged when the data were evaluated. These data build an impressive case for the existence of past lives”

              Dr. Helen Wambach

Afterlife evidence

Birthmarks and birth defects

Xenoglossy (speaking a language not learnt in current lifetime)

Mrs Smith ↔ Gretchen

Near death experiences


I believe, therefore, that reincarnation is the best explanation for the stronger cases […]

It may well be the best explanation for many other cases also.

        Dr. Ian Stevenson

Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of VirginiaSchool of Medicine

Original report, University of Virginia dept. of Medicine "Where Reincarnation and biology intersect"

Figure 1 

Hypopigmented macule on chest of an Indian youth who, as a child, said he remembered the life of a man, Maha Ram, who was killed with a shotgun fired at close range.

Figure 2 

The circles show the principal shotgun wounds on Maha Ram, for comparison with Figure 1. [This drawing is from the autopsy report of the deceased.]

Figure 3  

Small, round puckered birthmark on a Thai boy that corresponded to the bullet wound of entry in a man whose life he said he remembered and who had been shot with a rifle from behind.

Figure 4

Larger, irregularly shaped birthmark on the frontal area of the head of the Thai boy shown in Figure 3. [This birthmark corresponded to the bullet wound of exit on the Thai man whose life the boy said he remembered.

Past Life Regression

Captain Robert Snow ↔ Artist Carroll Beckwith

Skills and abilities (particularly in children)


Dr. Helen Wambach

Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr Brain Weiss


Over 10,000 past & between lives regressed clients (Brian Weiss 4000+, Dr Michael Newton 7000+) have consistently reported that death is nothing to fear, because the freedom, joy and sense of overwhelming love that define the afterlife (our “true home”) is so wonderful it’s often difficult for clients to communicate in words.

You don’t just have to take the word of the experts though,

discover other people’s & your own past and between lives memories via the link below!

Life Between Lives (using hypnosis to recall between lives experiences)

Dr Michael Newton

The Newton Institute

Report in The Telegraph


“The researchers are to be congratulated on the completion of a fascinating study that will open the door to more extensive research into what happens when we die.”

               Dr. Jerry Nolan

Editor-in-chief of “Resuscitation” (Medical journal which published the research)

Report in The Independent Original report


Eminent Psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss had been working with Catherine, a twenty-seven-year-old technician at a Miami University, for eighteen months - she was suffering from recurring nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. When his traditional methods of therapy failed, Dr Weiss turned to regression hypnosis and was astonished and sceptical when Catherine began recalling past-life traumas which seemed to hold the key to her problems.

During each session Weiss regresses Catherine back to what he begins to identify as past lives and she describes scarring traumas of poverty, pain, hardship, and violent death that correspond to problems in her current life. One incarnation involves drowning, in another she’s a soldier whose throat is slashed - in trance she describes lives as males and females of varying race and nationality, and recognizes people in her current life playing other roles.

After each regression, Weiss observes Catherine's outlook brightening - each session dissipates a different phobia or fear. As she becomes confident and energetic Weiss resolves to get to the bottom of every one of her anxieties via this method, and she shows no trace of anxiety by the book's end.

He has since become one of the world’s leading authorities on reincarnation and helped hundreds of people to overcome physical, mental, emotional & social problems corresponding to past life traumas by using & training others to use past-life regression.

Summary of Dr. Brian Weiss’ international best-seller, “Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr Brian Weiss:

Faculty position at the University of Pittsburgh

National recognition achieved in fields of biological psychiatry & substance abuse

Chief of Psychiatry at University affiliated hospital

(37 Medical papers and chapters published by 1976)

A Doctor’s discovery

Brian Weiss' website The case that started it all Subsequent case studies & clinical analysis of PLR More case studies from 4000+ individual regressions


“ Past life therapy must be seriously considered as a potent and cost-effective addition to the roster of effective holistic therapies”

Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D

Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami

Children’s past life memories

Shanti Devi ↔ Ludgi Chaubine

Article by researcher Dr. K.S. Rawat "I have lived before" - book detailing the case

Sweet Swarnlata ↔ Biya

Twenty cases suggestive of reincarnationEuropean cases of the reincarnation type

James Leininger ↔ James M. Huston Jr - “Soul Survivor”

Tell me about Past Life Regression therapy!
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Tell me about Past Life Regression therapy!
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