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                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

It can help you with:

For years Elaine had suffered intermittent, excruciating pains in her neck, shoulders, and upper back…”

How does it work?

We work with your subconscious to find the source of your problems, and whether in this life or what appears to be a previous one, releasing the trauma can improve / lift the symptoms completely.

Together we guide you into a relaxing trance state, like guided daydreaming, where you may see, hear, smell and sense what’s going on in this memory. It’s a fascinating and completely safe experience!

What else do I need to know?

  (The subconscious easily runs our breathing, heartbeat, body temp, cell growth and repair and so many other processes at the same   time  all day long... it’s powerful and will do the work for you so the less effort the better! )

    (Our primary sense can change during past-life memories too – normal!)

     You’re safe and totally in control at all times during hypnosis:

"You are fully in control when under hypnosis and don't have to take on the therapist's suggestions if you don't want to.

    If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state. ​Hypnosis doesn't work if you don't want to be hypnotised"                                               

- NHS official statement

How do we know we’re not making it up?

Research suggests the memories may well be real, but people generally seem to know by the feelings -

trust your memories, don’t judge them, reserve critical analysis for discussion afterwards.

What if I can’t “go under” or “get blocked”?

About 9 in 10 people have no trouble at all accessing memories. If you do, it could be because:

When booking your session you’ll also receive a regression preparation mp3 / CD which will help you feel even more familiar and relaxed with the process.

(I thought I might find it difficult myself but once you start talking it just comes naturally!)

How many sessions will I need?

It varies from client to client and what you want to achieve but many find that just 1 is enough -

If you decide that you would like further sessions I do offer them at a discounted rate!

If you have any questions see the FAQ page or please contact me via the contact page and I’ll be happy to answer them!

                                 Clarity  Clinical & afterlife researching hypnotherapy

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Past Life Regression (PLR)

Show me scientific evidence for life after death! Read scientific evidence suggestive of life after death

Booking your appointment

To book your Past Life Regression session or make an enquiry please use the contact form below or email / call / text me:

Robin Smidowicz

Email: rsmidowicz@gmail.com

Direct mobile: 07795 468190

Home phone:  01395 579041

Past life Regression:


Exeter / Bristol / Swindon:


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Life Between Lives (LBL)

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(2 hour session, paid in advance,

cancellations at less than 48 hours notice will be charged £20)

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Doing Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression has really helped me to understand key factors about my personality and my ambitions. By allowing certain memories to surface, I could relate what I saw, heard or felt to experiences I hadn't been able to understand previously in this present life, and was able to recognise deep fears and doubts and accept them with ease. It taught me a lot about my eternal self and my purpose, and Robin helped to make this entire experience very relaxing, effective and mind-blowing! He gave me very clear and detailed information about how the therapies worked and what I could expect, guided me through it with complete trust and helped me answer many questions I had! During LBL especially - it's incredible to see just how much knowledge pours out of your subconscious mind when you are in a state of trance! I can now safely say that I'm more aware of myself, understand my insecurities better and know what to do to in order to move on. Thank you ever so much, highly recommend these therapies to anyone (even if it's just out of curiosity!) and Robin for his great skill and glowing will to help others feel good again!

Henrique, Exeter

I had a truly memorable experience and would definitely recommend PLR to anybody, whether they are looking for help in a particular area or are just looking to experience something unique. Robin has a very calming nature and through the whole process he kept me incredibly relaxed but focused on the regression.

The regression itself was intense and I never imagined it would be so vivid. It was literally like being transported to another time and place. Although I wasn't looking for anything in particular from the experience I feel I've taken a lot from it. Robin couldn't have made me feel more comfortable.

Alex, Exeter

Robin's has regressed me a few times, all of my experiences have been very rewarding and eye opening. Learning about past lives I found fascinating in helping understand areas of my life today. Robin was a master at asking me the right questions for me to find the answers that I was searching for. He has a very calm manner which made me completely relax and be 100% comfortable in being hypnotised by him.

He was very knowledgable about explaining the experience and what I should expect, he was then very skilled at guiding me through the session. I found out some truly amazing information about my past lives which has really helped me today. Robin was integral to that....I would highly recommend him and past life regression, it really is a truly wonderful experience. Thank you Robin

Nicky, London

 Book your session today:                              Call / text: 07795468190                  Email: rsmidohypno@gmail.com

 Book your session today:                              Call / text: 07795468190                  Email: rsmidohypno@gmail.com

 Book your session today:                              Call / text: 07795468190                  Email: rsmidohypno@gmail.com

Regression prep.mp3

Try regression today with your free regression preparation mp3!

(It takes you through relaxing all the muscles of your body, a relaxing meadow & then to happy childhood memories- very relaxing so only listen when it’s safe to close your eyes!

 Book your session today:                              Call / text: 07795468190                  Email: rsmidohypno@gmail.com

Past Life Regression group sessions now available! Click here for details & online booking